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From: "Debbie McDaniel" Date: 7/12/13 1:43 pm To: ""

We loved our night at your motel and especially getting to visit with you. (that's why we refuse to stay in sterile corporate motel chains!)
If you haven't seen what Ralph left as a memento of our trip, here is a pic and I hope you'll smile and think of us each time you see it. PS: These are being placed at random places all across the USA as we travel.
Debbie McDaniel

MI BASS Nation July 2013 Ron Scharphorn

Tom & Tammy,
Thank you so much for taking good care of all the anglers as you said you would when I was making my reservations. We had a great time while there and your hospitality was impeccable. I don\'t want to hear Tom complain about being on the tail end of the rain storms ANYMORE, he should have gotten enough water to where he doesn\'t have to water the flowers the rest of the year. THANK YOU again for a great experience.